SMG UK is the SMG Languages office in the UK. It provides language services backed by a high level of specialisation and certified quality.


16,000,000 words translated


We provide solutions for helping your business grow internationally without linguistic and cultural barriers.


Our conference on translation techniques

The challenge of Chinese translations
Translating websites

Localisation for Russia

The magic of Japanese translation

We’ve grown by 31%, thank you!

A victory for our Group in 2013, whose closing balance sheet has seen a 31% growth since 2012. Studio Moretto Group thanks you for this blessing in times of crisis, thanks its staff for their hard work, and all the clients that have once again chosen our quality service. The loyalty of our market has allowed us to take on new staff and improve our working conditions to become what they are today. With the establishment of three new offices and so much competitive drive, we now confront the year of 2014 to once again prove that tenacity, pragmatism and innovation can take on any challenge. Together, we will succeed!